This is the page to share the food prepared by me on a daily basis, which might be similar to the foods cooked in any next door Indian home!!

My vision is to create the TASTE of INDIA!!

My page would give you the feel of home-made food cooked daily, which every Indian loves to have . This is a step ahead to remember our mother and to bring the sights and smells of cooking and culture into our hearts.

Dive right into the recipe and be sure to vote it right away!!

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so excited to now know yours – I spent time in Chennai a few years ago and have been looking for any way to get back to India ever since…even if it’s just imagining myself there while I indulge in some Indian cuisine 😉

    • You are most welcome…..thanks so much for stopping by my blog too!!
      It’s nice to know that you have been to Chennai, India and am glad that you like to cook Indian cuisine too 🙂 this is incredible, the true globalization of the Taste!!

  2. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog!! I started to read yours, but immediately had to stop for two reasons – mainly my stomach is very upset, and the food looks so good and I am very suggestible!! LOL I am def going to have to come back!!!

    • Nora is very beautiful..God bless her with all the happiness and success in life!!
      I am too a mother of 14 months old daughter and I love each moment spent with her and feel happy to see her grow each day 🙂 God’s biggest gift ever!!

      Thanks for liking my blog too and going through the recipes 🙂
      It would be my pleasure to hear your experience on these recipes 🙂

  3. At first glance, i followed your blog because i love cooking and i like Indian food. I remember my former colleague from India who always share her lunch to me and i love it. I’m looking forward to try some of your recipes. I just hope i’ll find the proper ingredients here…

  4. thanks for reading my blog & following it 🙂 I’m glad you did because now I’ve discovered yours & I just love curries! I’ve been to Sri Lanka & Thailand and really hope to visit India sometime soon.

    • You are most welcome!!
      I really loved your blog specially the picture of rabbit taken by your daughter…
      Just wanted to share that I too like animals a lot and had kept lots of pets at home and all my friends used to call my house a mini zoo..I cherish those beautiful moments and got to remember those things again..Thanks a lot!!

      • Thank you so much! That will make my daughter very happy as she just started taking pictures with a semi pro camera she saved all her money for. We both love animals and one day my goal is to have a ranch or farm where we can have hundreds. I want to give a home to all unwanted and unloved animals. How can anyone not like them? They are precious gifts that should be cherished 🙂 I am so happy it brought back happy memories for you 🙂

      • The picture is really good 🙂 and m sure she’ll be a renowned photographer one day…My best wishes are always with her!!

      • Awwww! Thank you so much! She will be more than happy to read these comments. 🙂

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