Faith and Strength!!

This post is not related to cooking but still I wanted to share this with you all!!

I was going to my office as a daily routine and was busy listening to music….

On the way the driver stopped at one of the red signals and that day was really chaos, huge traffic, people honking and ready to take a leap at any time………..while I was trying to be little comfortable to this usual daily activities I saw a little girl may be of 4 years old holding hands of her younger brother who was around 2 years old!!

She was begging for food or money but each time she reached near any of the cars, motorbikes she was either abused, refused or asked to go away……I heard someone calling her “A ladki (O girl)” and I turned my head towards the sound…..

On the footpath, there was a young boy of 10-11 years old who was in a tarnished condition; torn shirt, no slippers/shoes, hair not combed, hands dirty but was indeed different from all of us who are well dressed, superior and blessed to get daily bread……

When the girl reached to the boy, he gave her 2 chocolates and 1 slice of bread…..all three of them were enlightened with joy and happiness!!

The girl and her younger brother were happy since they got the meal to survive another day of life and the young boy was happy to see them happy….all three of them departed to their ways!!

All this happened in three minutes…………

I was feeling sad when people were asking the girl to go away…..but I am left with a question to myself..

“Do I have the strength similar to that of the young boy who gave his food,¬†knowing that he has limited food to survive that day”!!