Know Me

Cooking is my passion and I have been cooking from my childhood days……

I remember my first day of cooking as I did a blunder. I was preparing rice; however, forgot to add water in the pressure cooker šŸ˜¦ ,luckily it was removed from heat on time!!

I look back to those years of my learning with a smile and today I have started blogging on Indian Food Recipes. A special thanks to my mom and my maasi-maa who had been my teachers and helped me to learn & create magic with home-made handy ingredients.

I was born and brought up in Ranchi and got married in Mithilanchal. The Mithila cuisine is a cherry on the cake as there are variety of ingredients and vegies which are prepared by the household ladies themselves. Similarly, its surprising to see unlimited variety of foods across India as I have travelled almost all over the country and have tasted different shades of food from a 5 star hotel to the highway dhabas.

The Indian cuisine has a wide range of items both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. I love to cook vegetarian items; however, my husband loves to cook non-vegetarian food <learnt under my supervision šŸ™‚ >.
My way of cooking is simple with complete Indian-ism.

You may have heard or experienced the same, therefore, you all are welcome to share your part of stories!!


3 thoughts on “Know Me

  1. That’s a blunder which you’ll never forget. My mom-in-law served roast chicken when our family came for Sunday lunch. She’d forgotten to take the plastic bag containing the giblets, out of the inside of the chicken. šŸ˜€

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